Townhouses on Mutual Near Carlton on Flickr.Sept 2. One way street directions split in the middle of the the street.
Downtown from Moss Park on Flickr.Sept 1. View of downtown skyline from Moss Park
St. James Town Balconies on Flickr.Aug 31. Fading Light on a set of balconies in St. James Town
The Toronto at Howard and Ontario on Flickr.Aug 30. Apartment building in St. James Town.
Falcon Building at Mt. Pleasant and Millwood on Flickr.Aug 29. I just like the name of this building.
Apartment Renovation at Mt. Pleasant and Roehampton on Flickr.Aug 28. 2x4s holding up a series of balconies on this apartment renovation.
Graphitti Face in a Street Art Frame in Blythwood Ravine Park on Flickr.Aug 27. A sticker frame around a spraypainted face with a viewing stump in front.
Concrete Blocks Beside the 401 on Flickr.Aug 26. Accumulation of construction blocks on the side of the 401
401 and Avenue Rd on Flickr.Aug 25. Looking west onto oncoming traffic.
Grounded Chairlifts at Earl Bales Park on Flickr.Aug 24. Pretty surprised to find a ski hill here within the city limits.