Wall Time at Sunnyside Bike Park on Flickr.July 25. BMX getting some time sideways at the new jumps course by Sunnyside.
Quiet Afternoon on Toronto Island Ferry on Flickr.July 23. Standing up the bench and getting the life jackets into half of this shot.
Wilting Flowers on Dufferin and Hopewell on Flickr.July 18. Flowers seemingly doomed in the harsh sun on the York Beltline Trail
20140717-DSC02503.jpg on Flickr.July 17.  The hot pink makes a good contrast in this area.
Lone Rider on Eastern Ave Over the Don River on Flickr.July 16. Took this from the walkway at Corktown Commons
20140715-DSC02463.jpg on Flickr.July 15. Some city workers waiting on their coworkers while digging up the street.
Looking Over the Don Valley From Mud Creek on Flickr.July 14. View of condos on Broadview from the Rosedale side on Governor’s Rd.
20140713-DSC02447.jpg on Flickr.July 13. Hundreds of Germany fans cheering on the World Cup win in front of the CBC building.
Late Afternoon in Earlscourt Park on Flickr.July 12. Some cycling and basketball to be had in the main field at Earlscourt Park.
Cherry Beach Lifeguard Station on Flickr.July 10. Closing up the lifeguard station at the end of the day.